Meet Our Residents!



Jamil is 27 years old and was born and raised in Los Angeles and has always lived with his parents. He went to Kentwood Elementary, Orville Wright Jr High, and Westchester High.  After two years at El Camino Community College, he received a certificate of completion for office clerk. When he was 22 years old, he passed the DMV driving test and got his driver's license.  He says his parents let him use a car to drive.  His service coordinator at Westside Regional Center and his mom suggested submitting an application about 4 years ago to move into a place of his own.
"HOME let me choose what apartment size and type of roommate I would like. Two years ago, HOME found me a place near the USC campus, but I wasn’t familiar with the area so I decided not to take the apartment.  HOME kept me on the waiting list and now two years later HOME was able to find an apartment in a great location.   It's close to my family home, bank, grocery store, favorite fast food places, my job and the mall.  I was nervous at first being out of my family's house, but each day I get more independent.  I have a roommate and we get along just fine. My rent includes my utilities and I get assistance to help me with some of my rent. Thank you HOME Staff for all your help."


Jamil at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando, Florida

Ricky overlooking the ocean                                        

Ricky overlooking the ocean                                        


Ricky's dad told us: "When my wife and I told Ricky, years ago, that he was going to have to lean to live away from us because we were getting older and would someday not be there for him anymore, he had a very hard time with that.  I was about to retire and live in Northern California.  Ricky lived in a couple of apartments and then moved into a HOME condo in 1995. 

When he was first living away from home, he wouldn't even walk to the corner to put a letter in the mailbox unless I was watching.  But with a chance to live independently, he really blossomed.  Now he takes the bus to his maintenance job at UCLA all by himself and does his own banking and grocery shopping.  I never thought he would be this independent.  He loves his job and is obviously very happy living on his own.  He doesn't even call us that often.  We call him more than he calls us.  He's growing up, and that makes me both sad and happy. 

As you get older, you worry about how your children will do once you're gone.  You don't want to think about such things but Ricky could have ended up homeless, wandering the streets.  It's a dream come true to know that Ricky will always have a home."